How To View Your Netflix History – A Different Approach to Netflix Parental Controls

Hey guys this is Chad Gleaves with and I’m gonna show you here on netflix how to view your viewing history. And the reasons you would want to that as a parent and as parental controls is that netflix only allows one setting for there parental controls. There is no way to overwrite it unless you disable it. So for example if hou have young children, you want to hand them the iPad or hand them the device to watch netflix you could set it at the G rating and they would not be able to watch anything that wasn’t G rated which is great but for you as a parent you might wanna watch something higher and the way to get around that is you would have to disable the parental controls, it takes 8 hours to kick in and then another 8 hours to kick in whenever you want to turn it back on. And so that’s a lot of trouble and I go into that in greater detail in another video.

Another Approach to Netflix Parental Controls:

But another way to approach this would be to not set the parental controls but constantly go back and view your activity so you can see what your children are viewing. Now this may not work for smaller children because they are gonna accidentally view something I’m sure you realize that but for teenagers and people that you can actually sit down and talk to that would work great is to keep that accountability there. So that you could talk to a child that got into something, an older child that got into something they shouldn’t.

So the way to do this is to go over here and log in to Netflix, it would look something like this and currently with this design if you scroll down you can see here this your recently watched. Click on that, it will bring up your history and yes I’m a Psyche fan and you can view different things now the only notable thing that I could see and that I would need to bring out is right here where it says “viewed”. You can see that this person watched the entire Veggie tales Esther the girl who became queen. But you can see here that only zero minute were watch of Leapfrog – Museum of opposite words because I went in it last night and maybe we watch a minute of it just to see what it was.

So this might be a way you could through and see if your child accidentally got into something for example, it’s a movie you don’t want them to watch, they only watch 2 minutes and then maybe they were being responsible, not realizing what it was, back down of it and went on. So that might help y0u and you can go back and check on them but you would know that they weren’t trying to watch the whole movie. Alright, I hoped that helps you as a parent to keep tabs on your Netflix activity. If you like to ask me any further questions, send me an email, you can head over to hit the contact me button, leave me a message, shoot me a tip and I would love to hear from you.


How to setup NETFLIX Parental Controls and Still Allow Parents To Watch More Mature Content

Here are two simple ways to control and know what your family is watching on Netflix. First, set up the Parental Controls in your preferences and Second, set up a second account, One for you children and one for parents.

INTRO: Hey this is Chad Gleaves with I will show you two tips today. Number one, “How to set up your parental controls in NETFLIX, they have made changes since my last video and number two, Im gonna you two ways to adjust the settings as a parent if you wanna watch more mature than what you have set it for your kids. and so the biggest complaint I’m getting is “Hey, I want my kids to be able to watch Netflix at this level that you know maybe a PG level but I wanna go ahead and watch something that maybe PG-13 or Rated R, How do I adjust that so that I can go ahead and watch those movies?” And you’re not gonna be happy with my answer but it is a good answer and would atleast work.

STEP BY STEP: How To Set Parental Controls On Netflix: First of all, let’s set up your parental controls. Go over to your account, scroll down and you can go to parental control settings. Right here, you can choose the level, it’s very simple. It’s not a lot of you know complication. I wish they would do a little bit more but this is what they offer, so if you want to set it to teen levels, we’ll go ahead and save that. Now that we’re done with that, how would a parent go ahead and watch those more mature videos. and that’s it for setting up, that’s all netflix offers is what you just saw so let’s look at that. So this is straight from and this there solution to the problem of paraents wanting to watch something more mature. To stream or watch an instant movie that has a maturity level higher than the parental controls you have set, you will need to adjust the controls to include that maturity level. You can adjust the parental control settings from your account page. Parental controls can only be set from a computer but will apply to all the other devices attached to your account. So what they’re saying here so far is that you’re gonna have to go in and reset it to adult which will allow all devices to see adult content while you are setting that. But notice this next thing, this a huge hole. Changes can take up to 8 hours for the new settings to take effect. Although you may maybe able to sync your device more quickly if you restart the netflix application. Now there’s two things to glean from this, if you wanna watch a more mature movie, you’re gonna have to think ahead and think 8 hours ahead of time so that netflix has time to populate all the devices.

Netflix Parental Control FAILURE: The second thing is you have to remember you know when you remember to reset it back to the child level at whatever setting you have, it takes an additional 8 hours for it to take effect. You are basically disabling this thing for up to 24 hours. If you do it 8 hours ahead, watch a few movies, and go to sleep and you reset it, it could be 24 or longer before your kids are protected again. That just doesn’t sound like a great way to handle it for me, I’m gonna suggest a solution here in a minute but let’s continue reading. Remember to reset the parental controls when you are done. Thank you netflix for making this harder than it should be, now this is there solution. DVD customers can add discs with a higher maturity level to the DVD queue without changing the parental control setting but you will be prompted for your password each time. So basically they’re saying if you’ll add the additional DVD plan to your Netflix, they will be glad to send you a DVD with you just typing in your password. So that’s there solution but my question to them is why don’t they allow that when you click that higher rated movie just simply put your password in again. Simple, done. You know i don’t understand why they are not doing that you know itunes does do that with the Apple TV. So I don’t understand why they are not allowing you to put your password in to watch a higher rated movie, that seems the solution to me. But let me give you the solution i think is the best, you know I’m no expert I’m just a father of three kids but this how I would handle it if I use Netflix on a consistent basis.

SOLUTION: I would pay for two separate accounts and here’s why, it’s only $8 and for the protection of my children that is you know money well spent, $8 a month it comes out you just $95 a year. If you have two separate accounts, you just sign up the devices you want or your children. They could watch that device with the child parental controls. And then your devices, you can go ahead and choose the more mature options for yourself. And so that’s how I would handle it. I would have two separate accounts. Alright, if you have any questions for me about this feel free to go over the, hit up the contact page and send me a message.


How to setup NETFLIX Parental Controls in TWO – EASY steps



First Way To Protect Your Children On NETFLIX –  Parental Controls:

Hi this is Chad Gleaves with and I wanna show you two quick ways that you can kind of monitor and set up your netflix to better protect your children, to better prtect your family. First thing is to set up your parental controls. Now go to your account over on the right hand, your account and help then scroll down to preferences right here. Go to change parental control settings, it’s gonna ask you fornyour password here just for security purposes.mand once your in, it’s very very simple, they don’t make this very complicated you can’t have any logins unfortunaetly but you can set up what you want it to be and it is pretty self explanatory and we set it at PG13 so we’ll continue, please note right here that it’s gonna take 8 hours for the effects to set it so if you go back right now and you set it and you test it it’s probably gonna bring up the rated R stuff or whatever you don’t want for it to bring up for 8 hours. It takes a little while for their service to reflect that.

Second Way To Protect Your Children On NETFLIX – View History:

So with that done I’m gonna show you the second way and that’s to go watch instantly go back to the beginning and you can see all, see all you’ve recently watch, i don’t know if you saw that there. And this shows you everything that anybody your account have watched. And so you can sort this by all DVD rentals, by Chad Gleaves this is my wife’s rentals, and then instant watch activity so you can kind of look through there andit gives you about for us about two weeks of DVD rentals or instant watch stuff. So that’s two ways to kind of monitor your family, to set up parental controls and also set up just kind of watch what is being done on your account.

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