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How To View Your Netflix History – A Different Approach to Netflix Parental Controls

Hey guys this is Chad Gleaves with and I’m gonna show you here on netflix how to view your viewing history. And the reasons you would want to that as a parent and as parental controls is that netflix only allows one setting for there parental controls. There is no way to overwrite it unless you disable it. So for example if hou have young children, you want to hand them the iPad or hand them the device to watch netflix you could set it at the G rating and they would not be able to watch anything that wasn’t G rated which is great but for you as a parent you might wanna watch something higher and the way to get around that is you would have to disable the parental controls, it takes 8 hours to kick in and then another 8 hours to kick in whenever you want to turn it back on. And so that’s a lot of trouble and I go into that in greater detail in another video.

Another Approach to Netflix Parental Controls:

But another way to approach this would be to not set the parental controls but constantly go back and view your activity so you can see what your children are viewing. Now this may not work for smaller children because they are gonna accidentally view something I’m sure you realize that but for teenagers and people that you can actually sit down and talk to that would work great is to keep that accountability there. So that you could talk to a child that got into something, an older child that got into something they shouldn’t.

So the way to do this is to go over here and log in to Netflix, it would look something like this and currently with this design if you scroll down you can see here this your recently watched. Click on that, it will bring up your history and yes I’m a Psyche fan and you can view different things now the only notable thing that I could see and that I would need to bring out is right here where it says “viewed”. You can see that this person watched the entire Veggie tales Esther the girl who became queen. But you can see here that only zero minute were watch of Leapfrog – Museum of opposite words because I went in it last night and maybe we watch a minute of it just to see what it was.

So this might be a way you could through and see if your child accidentally got into something for example, it’s a movie you don’t want them to watch, they only watch 2 minutes and then maybe they were being responsible, not realizing what it was, back down of it and went on. So that might help y0u and you can go back and check on them but you would know that they weren’t trying to watch the whole movie. Alright, I hoped that helps you as a parent to keep tabs on your Netflix activity. If you like to ask me any further questions, send me an email, you can head over to hit the contact me button, leave me a message, shoot me a tip and I would love to hear from you.