How to setup NETFLIX Parental Controls in TWO – EASY steps

How to setup NETFLIX Parental Controls in TWO – EASY steps



First Way To Protect Your Children On NETFLIX –  Parental Controls:

Hi this is Chad Gleaves with and I wanna show you two quick ways that you can kind of monitor and set up your netflix to better protect your children, to better prtect your family. First thing is to set up your parental controls. Now go to your account over on the right hand, your account and help then scroll down to preferences right here. Go to change parental control settings, it’s gonna ask you fornyour password here just for security purposes.mand once your in, it’s very very simple, they don’t make this very complicated you can’t have any logins unfortunaetly but you can set up what you want it to be and it is pretty self explanatory and we set it at PG13 so we’ll continue, please note right here that it’s gonna take 8 hours for the effects to set it so if you go back right now and you set it and you test it it’s probably gonna bring up the rated R stuff or whatever you don’t want for it to bring up for 8 hours. It takes a little while for their service to reflect that.

Second Way To Protect Your Children On NETFLIX – View History:

So with that done I’m gonna show you the second way and that’s to go watch instantly go back to the beginning and you can see all, see all you’ve recently watch, i don’t know if you saw that there. And this shows you everything that anybody your account have watched. And so you can sort this by all DVD rentals, by Chad Gleaves this is my wife’s rentals, and then instant watch activity so you can kind of look through there andit gives you about for us about two weeks of DVD rentals or instant watch stuff. So that’s two ways to kind of monitor your family, to set up parental controls and also set up just kind of watch what is being done on your account.

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